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MilCom Innovative Concepts, Inc. is a woman owned small business specializing in assembly of Custom Cableís, Electronic Box, sub-assemblies, and parts kitting to customer specifications. Click on subject page of interest for more detail.

Quality and schedule is MilCom Innovative Conceptís first priority. Our quality system is based on ISO9001:2000 principles.

Our customers are Military, Commercial, Industrial, Telecommunications, andTransportation.

Our Sales staff is knowledgeable in assisting our customers in finding the best low cost solutions in connector selection and sheet metal packaging.

9880 Chartwell

Dallas, Texas 75243

To contact us:

Phone: 214-221-2310

Fax: 214-221-2315



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 Low volumes (no premium)

 Expedite Orders

 Drop Ship to installation site

 1st Article approval before production run