MilCom Innovative Concepts, Inc.

Concept Solutions for Innovative Thinking

MilCom Innovative Concepts, Inc. provides custom cable and harness assemblies to major OEM’s for Defense Aerospace, ground support systems, lab environments, Industrial machines & lighting, transportation, & Telecom. Cables are built to your specifications and drawings. If you are not sure what you need Milcom can design it, prototype and submit a first article for your inspection.

Custom Cable Assembly

Sample List of MilCom’s common connectors

· RJ11, RJ12, & RJ45

· Mil-Spec Circular with back shells & Banding

· D-Sub 9, 15, 25, 34, 50

· V.35

· Ribbon cables

· IDC connector, AMP & Molex

· Coaxial RF, SMA, TNC, N, BNC, etc

· Cat 5e, Cat 6, LAN  & Patch Cables

· Crimp & Poke

Sample List of OEM’s we support

· Tyco/AMP

· Molex


· Kings Electronics

· Trompeter